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CV. Titik Koma manufacture Letter Sign is made of acrylic and LEDs.Letter sign is lit Emboss materials using acrylic base of the beginning of the process Preparation of Acrylic Led Emboss the same as the process of manufacture of embossed stainless steel and embossed Galvanil, which distinguishes

CV. Titik Koma serve making BillboardBillboards or billboard is a form of outdoor advertising campaign (outdoor advertising). In a true sense billboard is a poster with a fairly large size and placed high in certain places that well-traveled. Billboard including outdoor media billboard models most

CV. Titik Koma manufacture Letter presents with quality materials and affordable price. galvalum made of plate material, plate steel and acrylicEmboss is a writing letters using Emboss (in relief), so that the writing looks stand out. Emboss typically used for writing a company sign, Hotel,

CV. Advertising point of Koma airport manufacture Letter presents with a variety of materials. Embossed Letter on material galvanized plate and stainless plate

Jasa Design Interior KantorTitikkoma Adv melayani Jasa Desain Interior Kantor.Desain Interior Kantormerupakan salah satu kebutuhan saat ini. Dengan mengedepankan design, sebuah perusahaan dapat menunjukkan identitas dan profil sebuah perusahaan tersebut.Design Interior Kantorjuga diperlukan agar

CV. Point of Koma Advertising services for interior design

We serve the design and installation of Alucobond for the facade of the building

We also serve the manufacture of interior design stand shops or booths of food and drinks at the mall.

Bidang usaha yang menjadi layanan kami adalah sebagai berikut :Neon BoxNeon SignLetter SignLetter TimbulInterior Design& BuildsPromotion ToolsBillboardShop SignCutting StickerAcrylic Display   

We serve the manufacture of acrylic display. also serves acrylic laser cutting.Acrylic Display is a display media using acrylic material that displays a picture or sticker affixed to the acrylic material such as house number, display advertising brochures.

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support human and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large buildings. Usually the scaffolds form a modular system of pipes or metal tubes.Our CV. Titikkoma adv sell and serve Scaffolding Rent to help your construction project,

Scaffolding commonly called a steger is made to support and support a building construction project as a medium of transport of workers and materials needed building materials. Main frame on this equipment serves to adjust the height and width of scaffolding to be arranged in accordance with the

In the world of building construction known a fixture called scaffolding or steger. It has functions to support human and material in the construction or repair of buildings and other large buildings. It used to be a bamboo / wooden structure, but today it is a modular system of metal tubes or

Running text is one application that has a display or display, in the form of running writing, usually also in the form of animation that usually use Light Emitting Diode or LED. LEDs are used vary. Running text is made of LED light points arranged in the form of matrix lengthwise. The function of

We serve the tower sign.Tower sign is neonbox media or neon sign shaped tower extends upright or standing. Materials tactic is biased in the form of composite aluminum, galvanized plate finishing duco, acrylic etc stainllest plate.In practice, combined with the bias arising letter or letter sign.

Desain Interior Restauran

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