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Running text is one application that has a display or display, in the form of running writing, usually also in the form of animation that usually use Light Emitting Diode or LED. LEDs are used vary. Running text is made of LED light points arranged in the form of matrix lengthwise. The function of running text is as a transmitter of information to attract the attention of people who see. Running this text can be modified according to what you want by using computer.

Running text has facilities to set the time using Real Time Clock (RTC) so that it can display seconds, minutes, hours, days, date and year. For the adjustment can be done via computer or remote media. Led running text will not change even if it is off means data will be stored in memory. For the colors used vary greatly according to the needs, as for the colors available colors include green, blue, red, yellow and white for the color of led.

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